Shirley Temple Curls (RIP Shirley Black)

16 Feb

Curls are your hair’s way of letting you know it is fully capable of fun.
-J Hill

When my hair is out my go to style is flat twist out. It looks great most of the time but I can get bored with my hair very quickly. I’m not the best stylist when it comes to natural hair especially since I can’t cornrow (I know, sad). Still I try, because I want to be able to wear my hair out for at least a month without growing completely tired of the same look. I just don’t want to be the one trick pony. So after washing my hair the other day, I dared to be different. I decided I wanted the infamous Shirley Temple curls. Using Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker and Ecostyling Gel, I put flexi rods and some other rollers in the front and middle of my hair. Then I used satin rollers for the back of my hair (I ran out of the other ones). It felt like it took forever to roll of my hair but it was probably more like 2 hours. I kept the rollers in for two days, sporting all my hats in public. Scared of the different types of curls that would appear, I unraveled my creation. To my happy surprise they came out quite nicely. They are so fun and youthful! They lasted about 4 days before they were too frizzy for my liking. But I would definitely recommend it; another no heat hair style with a lot of bounce.



My wet is not wavy

13 Feb

So I love to change my hair and ever since I went to college I became a big fan of tracks. They are easy to keep up with and I love flipping the tresses. True story: tracks have a lot to do with how my natural journey began. Anyways, now that I am completely natural I’ve been having the most difficult time finding tracks that will blend with my hair. After awhile I quit my search and decided to accept the fact my hair would never cooperate with the Remi. Recently my hope was restored when a friend of mine recommended wet and wavy. Rationalizing why this was a good investment I decided to give it a try. But texture ended up being the issue with this hair. The curls blended for a while but the wet and wavy eventually became less curly and more wavy. Not to mention, my hair was a lot more coarse and frizzy than the Indian hair. I managed to keep it in for almost a month but I became displeased with the appearance after about 2 weeks. Still, I’m still looking for the perfect tracks. I think my next attempt will be Brazilian body wave. But that won’t be for another couple of months. Back to my hair and twist for now.

Below is a photo of my hair and the wet and wavy before and after I first wet it. It was greatness for a second.



Stepping inside the box

24 Aug

Soo I’ve been doing my own hair for awhile but I finally gave in. Got my hair braided the other day. Box braids are one of my fav protective styles right now. Before I had gotten them smaller but I wanted them larger this time. But I like them either way. However, I haven’t figured out how to put the large ones in a bun yet which is one of my fav things to do with long hair. They’re a lot bulkier but I’ll get it eventually.



Blog Changes

8 Jul

I looked in the mirror today and decided I’m missing something. I’ve changed a lot in the past years and although change can be good, something in me ached for commonplace. Lately I’ve had a lot on my mind with limited ways of expressing myself so I decided I want to get back into writing. So why not start with my blog? Don’t worry though this won’t be anything to deep, ya’ll not ready for that yet. This will be dedicated to my hair journey symbolic of my life which is forever changing. So until I have nothing left to say or do with my hair (which I can’t even fathom right now), I will be posting my hair secrets and new styles. Enjoy!!!

Stockings Rise in Stock

15 Jul

American women have strayed away from stockings for years now. Some feel as though they are uncomfortable while others just aren’t fond of how they look. Whatever the reason women of all ages had let go of the additional clothing.

Just like many fashion ensembles, stockings are making a comeback. Who do we have to thank? The Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton can be given credit for the adornments return. The Dutchess has been spotted on numerous accounts sporting her shee nude stockings, which complimented her elegant dresses nicely. The trendsetter is making Americans reconsider the extinction of stockings. Many stocking companies have experienced a recent increase in sells since Middleton has made them look absolutely amazing.

She is a wonderful individual and her style is worth imitation but its not enough for me to go buy stockings. I am not a fan of the constant ruins accompanied with stockings. I’ve always worn them in the fall and winter but the spring and summer is my well-deserved break.

Cap the Semester With A Fashion Show

1 May

As the end of the semester at Towson University becomes nearer, many modeling organizations are leaving Towson students with unforgettable Fashion Shows. Yesterday, April 3o at 7 p.m., Models of Distinction held their last fashion show of the Semester. Their show was called Insanely Fashion and admission was free.

The Haus of Silhouette held their last fashion show for the spring time, Saturday April 23. It was called Fashion In The City For Fashion Against Hunger. Admission was free but they were accepting donations for the cause.

May 7, Je Suis Model will be hosting their last fashion show of the semester. It will be at Burdick Gym at 7 p.m. It is titled Armed and Dangerous. Towson students’ admission is $6, anyone else $8, and VIP is $10.

Green is in Fashion

24 Apr

So fashion tends to experiment with all types of things. On Earth Day, April 22, a few designers held a eco-friendly fashion show. There was one called The Trashy Fashion Show, held at Largo Culture Center at 7 p.m. The designers at this show had some pretty funky outfits and surprisingly some of them were quite cute. There was another one taking place at 6 p.m. titled Fashionising Self and the Environment. It was located at the Textile Arts Center in Park Slope, Brooklyn. They’re eco-friendly material made for a more modern look. Something that you can actually see people wearing as opposed to The Trashy Fashion Shows Avant Garde style.

Who would have suspected trash and recycled materials to make for a nice outfit?